Case study

Improving Software with Better Software

Testim is an AI-based platform that uses Smart Locators to solve the two biggest challenges in testing—slow authoring and unstable tests.

/01 Overview

Our Role

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Robust Content Management System
  • Advanced Analytics Configuration
  • A/B Testing with Google Optimize


Testim is a unique AI-based cross-browser testing program that helps customers capture stable tests in minutes. They called us to fully integrate a complete custom website experience in partnership with their product and design teams.


Based on their specifications, we created a WordPress site with a robust content management system and advanced analytics configuration. We also utilized A/B Testing with Google Optimize to ensure they were getting the best performance out of our site. The end result was an on-brand, easy to manage custom website created specifically for their unique needs.

/02 Development


Our team worked with Testim’s product and design teams to fully integrate a complete custom website experience. PressHive built an ease-to-manage WordPress website based on their unique business requirements.