Your data has the answer. Are you asking the right question?

Expert Google Analytics Consulting Services

There’s a story hidden in your data. It’s about your customer, their day-to-day challenges and dreams. And how your business can help. To tell it, you have to ask the right questions.

Senior Consultant Drew Prescott

8 Years Google Analytics Experience

Your trusted guide to choosing a Google Analytics Consultant

This guide has everything you need to understand and evaluate third-party Google Analytics service providers. We'll emphasize R\nd’s strengths, but we’ll also be straightforward about our capabilities. Because trust is the foundation of every relationship that lasts. And we’re just getting started.

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Common Google Analytics Use Cases

We help companies of all types and sizes consolidate and interpret data, analyze pipelines, and improve sales with sophisticated tools and expert Google Analytics dashboards that are easy to use, and even easier to understand.

  • Newsletter Signup Conversion Tracking

    You see a form. We see the start of a beautiful customer relationship. Let us tell you:


    • – How many people saw my form?
    • – What form fields did the user skip?
    • – Which channels drove the most conversion?
  • Tracking PDF Downloads with Analytics

    Are they engaging with your branded content? Sometimes PDFs rank higher than actual website copy. As a result, PDF traffic based on clicks doesn’t tell the full picture. Let’s find out:


    • – Where did this user come from?
    • – Which assets are the most popular?
    • – Where did they go after reading my content?
  • Contact Form Field Conversions

    To optimize your funnel, optimize your forms. From pernicious iFrames to complicated web-to-lead forms. We can help you understand:


    • – How did users get to this form?
    • – How long do they stay on this page?
    • – Is my form too complex or lengthy?
  • eCommerce and Google Analytics

    eCommerce Configurations that answer your most important question: how much are we making?


    • – What is our customer lifetime value?
    • – What is our cost per acquisition?
    • – Which products are working – and which aren’t?
  • User Experience and Behavior Tracking

    Sometimes the numbers aren’t enough. We use the right tools to find out:


    • – Why is our bounce rate so high?
    • – Did users see our latest promotion?
    • – What frustrates my users?
  • Naming Conventions and Knowledge Bases

    Why did we configure this event based on this dom element… 2 years ago? Let us help you get control of: 


    • – When did we push this latest change?
    • – Why exactly did we make this change?
    • – Where do I go update a pixel configuration?
  • Marketing Attribution Assessment

    We can help you understand which channels grow your business, and which don’t:


    • – Is my social traffic performing?
    • – Which channels drive what kind of leads?
    • – What messaging captivates customers?
  • Actionable Reporting & Custom Dashboards

    Reports and dashboards that work for you … not the other way around.


    • – Let us improve your branded template or develop one from scratch.
    • – Data studio supports real-time dashboards integrated with any data source.

Our Marketing Analytics Agency Case Studies.

Every new partnerships starts with its own set of opportunities. Our partners all benefit from our experience and willingness to tackle the most complex business use cases.

  • Case Study: What’s Broken?

    A global insurance research company fixes their link structure and learns to trust their data.

    Based out of Dallas, Texas, this global insurance research company came to us with a simple question: what’s broken? We audited their tags, identified which were configured incorrectly, and prioritized a list of things to be fixed. The result? Now they can trust their data.

  • Case Study: How Valuable Is My Content?

    A legal services site learns to identify and quantify the value of custom lead types.

    This legal services lead generation site wanted to understand the value of specific lead types. We used custom data layer variables to get them there. Now they can quantify lead generation down to the page type and make more strategic decisions about content and SEO.

  • Case Study: What Else Can I Do With Google Analytics?

    An early-stage fine spirits brand learns to build its own analytics and GTM configurations.

    Though they were experienced in Google Analytics, this early stage fine spirits brand wanted to do more. While trying to build out a complex Google Analytics and GTM configuration, they hit a wall. We not only fixed their problem, but we also trained them how to approach similar issues in the future.

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Our business is built for yours.

We observe, listen, and evolve to solve your next challenge.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

From consulting to solutioning, gap analysis to implementation, we integrate and optimize analytics that make your job easier. That’s right – we’re talking to you.

Google Analytics and Data Driven Solutions for Leadersip

From strategic initiatives to quarterly post-mortems, it all starts with data. We help you tackle common issues plaguing senior leaders interested in more robust data. Partner with a solutions provider who understands the real business impact of actionable analytics.

  • Is my annual report or executive dashboard accurate?
  • I need automated reports to inform strategy … and a real business partner
  • I need someone to read between the numbers to tell me what’s really going on.


Answering Attribution Solutions for Sales Teams

Many times we work with outbound sales organizations that have zero insight into MQL performance. More often than not, there’s a wealth of data enrichment and campaign performance context left on the table. We champion sales and marketing collaboration.

  • How can I track progress and attribute success to my team?
  • I need faster access to metrics like revenue capture and OKRs.
  • Did my outreach program have an impact on website traffic?

Hands-on Google Analytics solutions for Marketing Teams

Marketing is a tireless, and sometimes thankless, responsibility. Oftentimes, campaigns and activations launch faster than reporting can be considered. As a digital marketing agency, we know how to help marketing teams connect the dots – and worry less.

  • How do I understand my funnel, and how campaigns convert?
  • I need reporting that supports my strategy, and a team who can do the work.
  • I need UTMs, Campaigns, Pixels, Conversion Data… I need it all!

Analytics Solutions for those responsible for... Everything.

We get it, the IT and Operations Silo is sometimes the last to be notified when marketing campaigns are concerned. Not for us. As we build out and integrated robust analytics, data security, site speed, and governance are always priority requirements.

  • Will new applications negatively impact my technology ecosystem?
  • I need to test products and releases on a staging server
  • We need assurances and policies around compliance and data management.

Do you trust your analytics?

If not, would you like to?

  • How do you choose a Google Analytics Consultant?

    First, it comes down to experience. Has the partner worked with analytics tag management solutions and various web platforms in the past? If the answer is yes, then the team your working with likely has what it takes to install analytics.

    More importantly, do they understand the data they’re tracking? Have they presented it in the past? Do they know how business leaders will use it?

    We do. Anyone with enough skill can install Google, Telium, or Adobe Analytics. It takes a partner who knows what the data means and how leaders will consume it to intelligently concept and implement analytics in a way that enriches decisions, not overwhelms uninterested stakeholders.

  • Choosing a trusted Google Tag Manager Consultant

    Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Go hand-in-hand. While one is your marketing analytics reporting tool, the other is required to implement advanced configurations and various Martech integrations. 

    With Google Tag Manager, you’re able to track event conversion goals and pass other forms of custom code that trigger various events and actions within your application and Analytics. 

    Choosing a Google Analytics choosing a Google tag manager consultant should be based on;

    – Their ability to understand and integrate highly complex and custom code. It’s not enough to just know how to trigger dom events. Sometimes, custom Javascript must be written to pass information from the DOM to the Data Layer and back again.

    – Their attention to detail when implementing custom code and events. It’s easy to scope an event to a single page. But what happens when that event inadvertently triggers on another page?

    – Their ability to double-check and triple-check their events as Google Tag Manager can get overwhelming and complicated quickly.

Our Process Revolves Around One Thing. You.

Collaboration is the key to our success, and yours. Whether you’re a mid-sized business or an enterprise SaaS organization, our full-service data collection, data studio, analytics tracking, and implementation services will help your Google Analytics accounts fuel impressive growth

  • Strategy & Consulting

    We take the time to understand your business (really) Then we develop a strategy and plan of attack

  • Technical Configuration

    We’ll create a shared knowledge base for administration and governance

  • Advanced Analytics Implementation

    We’ll create new accounts, or repair your current one If business specific customizations are needed, we’ll get it done

  • Knowledge Base

    We’ll create a shared knowledge base for administration and governance

  • Optimization and Reporting

    You decide how often to receive reports: monthly, quarterly, or annually Then we’ll create and monitor your dashboards, reports, and data studios As updates and tests are run, we’ll update everything accordingly

  • Google Analytics Training

    We offer training to suit your needs: personalized, group, and virtual Curriculums are specific to your business and analytics accounts We can personalize training for learners at any level to ensure retention

Common Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear from customers.

  • How can you help us with our Digital Marketing Analytics?

    We’ve done analytics for fortune 100 brands, and small businesses for a decade. We’ve got the experience and the methodology. We’re teachers and consultants first. We’re also happy to sign NDA’s, follow established release schedules, and work with varying levels of publishing rights

  • What access do you need?

    If we’re simply reviewing analytics, read-only access will work. If we’re expected to make changes, we’ll need full publish access. We’re happy to let you approve changes prior to publication. Sometimes we need access to your website or your developer

  • Can you set up GA, GTM, Optimize 360?

    Yes! Though 360 has been out for years, we’ve partnered with many large organizations to take advantage of the vast benefits that 360 offers. We often partner with other large organizations as the implantation consultants assigned to their accounts.

  • How long does it take to fix Google Analytics?

    We can fix something as quickly as one day. Some larger changes take weeks. Most basic setup and configuration take roughly two weeks if you consider onboarding, business discovery, and testing.

  • How much does it cost to do a base GA Setup?

    Prices vary but are conservative and unique to your problem. There isn’t a project too large or too small.

  • Can you add analytics to Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc…?

    Yes, each of these is different, but we can do them.

  • Can you connect Google Analytics to [ Insert Integration Here ]?

    Yes. From BigQuery to custom data imports, we’ve supported organizations needing robust integrations across a variety of common tag management, data enrichment, 3rd party data warehouses, and analytics management solutions.

  • What types of businesses realize the most benefit from Google Analytics?

    The type of business doesn’t matter — only the questions they ask. We’ve integrated analytics to SaaS businesses, enterprise brands, large eCommerce brands, startups … and everything in between

  • What about pixels, custom code, and other integrations?

    3rd party pixels (Like Facebook), custom integrations (like HubSpot), and advanced development are part and parcel of good analytics integration. Sometimes, we recommend not including these in Tag Manager, other times, Tag Management is the only way to get things added. Either way, we’ll consult which options are best for you.

  • We’re a SaaS startup looking to integrate product analytics, now what?

    Been there, done that. Say you want to know who’s a new customer, and who is a current customer? How do you measure website performance when both audiences land on your website? Or, we’re looking to understand how users interact with our product. Attribution, Engagement, and Shelf-life are all different and highly complex reports and configurations that we’ve helped countless startups achieve.

  • Where is R\nd located?

    We’re a US Based Marketing and Analytics consultancy that calls both Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California home.


Virtual Office Hours

In today’s remote world, you can still drop in and talk shop. Come on by, and let’s have a discussion about your challenges. There’s no cost or commitment, just a direct conversation about your analytics needs with our analytics solutions architects.

  • Let’s chat about your Analytics Use Case
  • Understand our capabilities more in-depth
  • Get quick answers to complex challenges

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