Case study

Shifting a Decentralized Exchange
& Blockchain Experience

Resistance, the blockchain startup, needed a partner to bring their futuristic product to life. R\nd was there to help.

/01 Overview

Our Role

  • Custom WordPress CMS
  • Robust Component Architecture
  • Custom API Integration and Development


When blockchain startup, Resistance, needed to roll out their futuristic product, they turned to R/nd to be their strategic partner to build a website with robust component architecture and custom API integration and development.


We worked hard to integrate on-brand animations and create custom user flows. We wanted to make sure that the end-user experience was interactive and intuitive, whether they were visiting the site on a desktop or mobile device. To do this, we crafted a custom WordPress site to help Resistance enter the market strong and ready to compete.

/02 Development


Developed a custom and modern mobile responsive WordPress. Integrated on-brand animations, interactivity, and custom user flows.