Case study

Visualization Software Solutions
Design and Development

From UX Research to UI Design - Engrain trusted R\nd to concept and deliver a powerful new visual experience.

/01 Overview

Our Solutions

  • Market and Competitor Research
  • Component Based UI Design
  • Frontend Development and Interactivity
  • Illustration and Iconography Design

The Challenge

Engrain has a unique cutting edge product. They are a technology company with innovative touchscreen, mapping, and data visualization technologies. They design and develop robust platforms for a variety of multi-family properties. Incredible stuff! But they needed to be able to reach out to their potential clients in the real estate market so they could see what incredible opportunities Engrain offered them to become leaders in a very competitive real estate market.

The Solution

What Engrain needed was a new digital platform that would reach their target, make their case, and increase their sales. We conducted exhaustive market research and competitor research to know exactly what we needed to do. From that, we were able to identify key design features that were interactive and effective at helping them reach their goals.

After laying out the strategy, we created a sitemap information architecture built around a user’s buying journey. We laid out the blueprint around specific conversion goals and incremental component-based design systems. In addition to creating a high-quality front-end designed for easy user interaction, we wanted to develop a dev-ready design and code for fast and easy implementation for our client.