Senior Website Strategist / Product Manager

Ours is the righteous way.

We help brands go from aimless to competitive through comprehensive research-based digital concepting designed to increase marketing performance. We’re a US-based company headquartered in California and Texas. We’re actively growing our bench, and as a result, we’re on the hunt for long term freelancers and contractors to support our aggressive growth.

What We’re Looking For: Senior Website Strategist / Product Manager

You understand the complexity of digital platforms. It’s not just an excellent design or a thoughtful UX – it’s the intersection of consumer needs and business goals.

You have in-depth exposure to SEO, PPC, Social, and know-how to optimize a website’s performance to maximize both usefulness and conversion. You’ve worked for eCom, Startup, Enterprise brands… and the local Plumber or Doctor’s office.

You’re not a Project Manager, Account Manager, or siloed Digital Marketing Tactician. You’ve got one skill set – which sometimes feels more like a consultant and less like a “webmaster.” Instead, you are obsessed with customer feedback, new features, and roadmaps. You’re not afraid to present big ideas – and don’t back down when met with challenges.

You are a senior website strategist, and this is what you’ll do:

  • Speak with our clients to understand their business objectives.
  • Analyze digital marketing data to synthesize smart strategies.
  • Use objectives, data, ideas to create a plan, and roadmaps.
  • You’ll use this knowledge to create custom research and presentations.
  • Now and then, you’ll present your research or design to clients.

About this role, and why it is (and you are) special:

  • This is a contract, per-project, as-needed role. (Freelance, Contract)
  • We pay bi-weekly against fixed hourly or contract rates.
  • Lots of projects, many one-time, some are long term.
  • Willing to jump on our Slack channel, and be available.
  • This can not be an evening (after work) side hustle.
  • Must be active during US Time Zones.
  • Someone who can be dedicated 10-20 hours per week.

A few technical bits that likely make up your experience:

  • Five years of minimum experience – Agency, Product Team, and In-house okay.
  • Highly experienced with Digital Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Timelines.
  • Comfortable directly managing critical client and partner relationships.
  • Must be very well written – (because you’re writing lots of reports and decks)


To apply, please submit your information here.